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"Reach Your Peak" with Pasadena Physical Therapy
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"Reach Your Peak" with Pasadena Physical Therapy

Pasadena Weekly 2014 and 2015 Winner

We won Pasadena Weekly’s “Best Of” category for Physical Therapy Clinic. We thank you for your support!

We are a private, therapist-owned clinic located in the heart of beautiful Pasadena directly across the street from Huntington Memorial Hospital. We have been taking care of Pasadena & the surrounding communities since 2004.

As Physical Therapists we are Human Movement Systems experts, and in our clinic we utilize an evidence-based & hands-on approach to the assessment & treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. That is, problems of the muscles, joints, & nerves that result in pain, weakness, decreased range-of-motion, & decreased function.

If you have had unsatisfactory results with generic physical therapy treatments at other clinics for your injury or post-operational care, our caring & highly trained physical therapists will take pride in getting you back to your desired quality of life using our whole-person, whole-body approach to your treatment.

“Reach Your Peak!”
with Pasadena Physical Therapy, A Professional Corporation

Pasadena Physical Therapy, PC