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Dr. Chang graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with an option in Physiology in 2010 and later with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from USC in 2013.  During her studies and clinical affiliations at USC, she was exposed to acute and sub-acute rehabilitation as well as wound care, and acquired many experiences in the outpatient orthopedic setting, gaining specific advanced training in the rehabilitation of low back pain from Michael Schlink, MA, PT, OCS.

As a clinician Dr. Chang retrains appropriate movement patterns and postures to decrease pain and improve function using various techniques, including manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, taping techniques, as well as other methods.  In her career Dr. Chang has taken professional educational courses and is proficient in Kinesiotaping techniques that have been helpful in managing pain and swelling in all types of patients (i.e., acute, sub-acute, or chronic, young or elderly).

Dr. Chang also runs our Aquatic Therapy Program, with a vision to provide optimal care for patients who have failed previous physical therapy, surgeries and/or various other approaches, as well as be able to provide the optimal environment for highly irritable conditions that make walking & exercise unbearable or for those deconditioned from months or years of inactivity due to pain. The Aquatic Therapy Program is based  out of the Waterworks Aquatics facility, providing Pasadena with a state of the art, indoor, heated pool that can be accessed any time of the year & a pool program that features a physical therapist that is actually in the pool with the patients, guiding them through their rehab routine.

Outside of the clinic Dr. Chang enjoys playing basketball, rock climbing, camping, snowboarding, and playing with her mini-poodle named Pinky.

As a native to the San Gabriel Valley, Dr. Chang is glad to be able to give back to the community she grew up in.

Dr. Chang is looking forward to taking care of you both in the clinic and in the pool!