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Dr. Rao graduated from USC in 1999 with a degree in Exercise Science and again from USC in 2002 with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from USC’s top-ranked Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy.  His interest in physical therapy started when he simply asked himself what it was that he wanted to study.  That led him to changing his major to Exercise Science in the summer of 1996.  Once an Exercise Science major, he then asked himself what he did he want to do for the rest of his life, and after exposure to the fields of medicine, athletic training, and physical therapy, he knew that caring for others and helping them move and feel better was his life’s calling.

On January 4, 2004, he started Pasadena Physical Therapy with the ideology that a community as wonderful as Pasadena deserved a physical therapy clinic that matched.

Today, he is proud of what Pasadena Physical Therapy, PC, has become:

Dr. Rao is one of the few orthopedic clinical specialists (OCS) in the country (about 5% of all PTs earn that distinction), and he and his staff provide the most skilled, most comprehensive physical therapy services in the area.

A San Gabriel Valley native who attended local schools, and has strong ties to this wonderful community, Dr. Rao is committed to hiring and maintaining only the most qualified staff available so that Pasadena will continue to be taken care by these professionals.

Clinical (and General) Philosophy:

“I do not chase symptoms but rather treat the person and the underlying cause(s) of their symptoms. In my 14 years of practice I have found that a comprehensive approach will lead to the best results of healing the person, and not just curing the ailment.

As a lifelong student, I do not follow one particular approach as dogma, and will happily admit that my toolbox is an eclectic collection of various schools of thought and techniques.  Ultimately, all I care about is that my patient/client gets better.

I am very grateful for all the difficult, complex, or rare conditions that have presented in our clinic, for the difficult questions that patients/clients, students, and fellow PTs have asked, for they have all made me both a better clinician and a better person.”

In his free time, Dr. Rao enjoys the game of golf and spending time with his wife Onelia and their son Benjamin.

 Dr. Rao looks forward to taking care of you in the clinic!