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Welcome to our clinic!

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to help you in this time of pain, discomfort and/or dysfunction.

Before Your Initial Evaluation

Please download, fill out, & bring the Patient Intake Form (Click to download) to your first visit.

To save paper, we have left our HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) policy off of our Patient Intake Forms.  If you would like a copy, you can download it here – HIPAA.

Questions about the cost of having your pain(s), discomfort(s) and/or dysfunction(s) resolved?  Please visit our Rates page.

About Your Initial Evaluation

One of our licensed physical therapists will spend approximately 1 hour with you to determine the history and nature of your complaint(s). From there we will come up with a comprehensive plan that will maximize our chances for a complete and successful resolution, which may include:

manual therapy  |  movement re-education  |  exercises & stretches  |  education in ergonomics & posture  |  modalities

Please dress comfortably for your Initial Evaluation. Athletic wear (tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirt or sports bra) is recommended.

Please bring the following:

Your first visit will take about 1 hour.

We look forward to taking care of YOU!