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Self-Pay Rates for Physical Therapy Services (Effective January 1, 2017)

Initial Evaluation: $180   |   Follow-Up Visit: $115

Self-Pay Rates apply to clients who:

Insurance Plans We Accept & Are Contracted With:

Insurance Plans We Accept but ARE NOT Contracted With:

*Just because we are Out-of-Network with your insurance company doesn’t mean we can’t take care of you and provide the Best Physical Therapy your body needs.  We will be more than happy to call your insurance company and verify your Out-of-Network benefits.  Due to the majority of insurance plans having such high deductibles these days, in most cases the difference in cost is insignificant.  Please give us a call at (626) 304-0565 and we can provide you with a courtesy insurance benefits check-up.

Why Doesn’t Pasadena Physical Therapy, PC Contract with Anthem Blue Cross or United Health Care?

We have elected not to contract with Anthem Blue Cross and United Health Care simply because their contract rates are below our Cost to Treat.  We would be unable to provide the quality care that our referring doctors and our former patients who’ve referred their friends and family to us have come to expect from Pasadena Physical Therapy, PC.

Helping people recover is our passion; however, we are still a business, and we wouldn’t remain in business if we accepted those rates.  We are unwilling to compromise our standard of care in order to be on Anthem Blue Cross or United Health Care’s contracted provider list.




Please call us at (626) 304-0565 and we will gladly verify your insurance coverage for you.